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Help us raise funds for some of our range-country partners! $5 will go a long way to helping our two priority projects for otters in Africa. Without the awareness and help of local citizens involved in local solutions to local problems Africa’s wildlife and wild places will continue to suffer – otters included.

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The Otters for Africa Fund

This fund is designed to accept donations of all size and nature, including the donation of time and expertise. Monies will be allocated to small, range-country originated projects such as rehab/rescue centers, community monitoring projects and community outreach projects. Some of these projects are already in existence but have trouble finding funds for equipment (GPS, cameras, phones, etc.) and/or for fuel to conduct local interviews or smallscale surveys of otter presence.

It is the African Otter Network’s belief that, to conserve wildlife and wild places, local community involvement and control is vita:; these are projects that have a hard time obtaining grant funding within a reasonable time frame. Otters for Africa is an idea designed to encourage active partnership among concerned individuals, zoos, aquariums, conservation groups and anyone else interested in creating a fund that can be accessed on an as-needed basis. Partner donors will be provided with regular updates via the African Otter Network (AON) Facebook page on use of funds. Furthermore, a full report will be sent out annually to group donors and made available on the AON website.

Our ultimate goal for Otters for Africa is to create a sustainable fund that can provide small amounts of money that can be key to the success of our growing group of front-line conservationists. Focusing on environmental health and local concerns will benefit ecosystems, wildlife and people.

Little is known about the current status of Africa’s four species of otters: little is known about them by the people who share their habitats and little is known about them by the majority of the world. Let’s not let them to disappear before most people even know they exist!

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