In Tanzania with William

William Mgomo is a Game Warden in Tanzania and is monitoring local otter populations, talking with local fishermen and working on local solutions to human/otter conflicts for fish resources. His priorities are fuel for his motorcycle (piki piki in Swahili) and educational outreach materials. Click here to read more about William Mgomo

November 2017
We have a new report that includes the latest on William’s endeavours and more tidbits of interesting news. Click here to check it out -> November 2017 Report <-  

September 2017
Raising awareness -> William is on a roll! He is launched in his plight to educate the local people (fishermen, adults and children alike) and has sent us his most recent report, that you can read here: Raising Awareness Project

31st of May, 2017

World Otter Day celebrations!

“I started the journey and headed to Nyasa District for creating awareness to Students. It almost 62 km from Mbinga town, and it took 4:30 hours to reach Ng’ombo by bus and Land rover and as it is rough road. The aim was to visit two schools found in the shore of Lake Nyasa to persuade them about the role played by Otters in Ecology and the way to preserve them in their natural habitat.” Read more about William’s awareness journey ->World Otter day 2017 <-

May 2017 – updated Resources section with fantastic new education material!

To help the AON celebrate World Otter Day, our Education Officer Carol Bennetto created incredibly new multi-lingual education materials, including but not limited to: mazes to help otters survive in the wild, masks and fact sheets for children. We are extremely lucky to have her – thank you Carol! You can find all the material -> here <-

May 2017 – Visit with Tanzanian outreach partner William Mgomo, Jan Reed-Smith (Director), Brenda Stalter (donor) and John Ngoma (field logistics)

Please click here -> AON visit May 17 2017 <- to read more about this exciting visit and a recap of our project status in rural Tanzania

MARCH 2017 NEWS! click here -> William Mgomo Project Update