In Tanzania with Hobokela

Rubondo Island School

Several outreach projects have taken place in cooperation with the Tanzanian National Park staff on Rubondo Island in Lake Victoria. These projects have included letter and drawing exchanges with U.S. children, student competitions with winners earning a visit to the island, outreach to school-based conservation clubs on neighbouring islands, inter-club competitions with winning clubs visiting Rubondo Island National Park or Saanane National Park, visits to cultural museums in Mwanza, local community clean-up efforts, and teacher workshops on the island to evaluate the success of their conservation education efforts and an opportunity to network with other teachers and biologists. These workshops resulted in renewed commitment and solutions to curriculum problems for the teachers while the students all discovered first-hand the benefits of healthy environments for people and wildlife alike. Then place a link to a couple of the reports. 

Please click here for a complete report of the 2012 project.

Please here for the 2011 report.

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And here you can read the 2010 report.