In Cameroon with Yuvene

Our friend and partner Yuvene from Acfecam (Associations of Cartographers, Foresters and environmentalist Cameroon) made Otter World Day a success.

Yuvene and his team will be starting a project with the African Otter Network in the upcoming months to investigate the distribution and presence of otters in the area – the team is strong and motivated and we can’t wait to find out what otter species there are in Cameroon and what they’re up to!

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January 2022 Update

In order to promote otter conservation in Cameroon, Yuven organised a research trip in areas where evidence of otter presence was found and set up a camera trap. His initial research lasted for a period of one week and was incredibly successful, as shown in the photo on the left!

Further research will be carried out and awareness meetings will be organized on the importance of conserving this flagship, umbrella species in the area.